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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Delaware City to Cape May NJ

Departure  9:30    Arrival    3:30                   Distance travelled   50.8

Total distance travelled:  1337 NM

We had a very nice long weekend in Delaware City, quiet and relaxing. Almost finished my book - "The Art of Racing in the Rain" - kind of at a sad point right now.
We went to the Memorial Day ceremony at the park, bag pipes, cannons and speeches. Flag was flying at half mast and there were about fifty people in attendance.  They actually fired the cannon, which scared me half to death.

Memorial Day 2011 Delaware City

Speeches, Stories and Songs

Just waiting to scare me

We arrived in Cape May about 3:30. Zeke met a beautiful 8 year old Portie named Bella. We walked around the marina and then went to the Lobster House for dinner. This part is for Irwin - the calamari was just so so, the crab au gratin was delicious - huge hunks of crab in a creamy cheese sauce, the baked potato - Irwin loves baked potatoes had kosher salt, oil and another seasoning on the skin and I have to admit the skin was the best part . We did not have room for dessert cause we managed to eat the whole (small) loaf of onion/poppyseed bread they presented us with.  A very tasty meal. They had a whole display of Royal Bayreuth lobster things - kind of out of the way so I don't know that many people actually get to appreciate the display.
We are spending June 1 in Cape may exploring the town and then heading up to Atlantic City - hold me back!