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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cape May, New Jersey -small world story

Well, an eventful day! We could not find Snookey - think she actually hangs out further up the Jersey Shore. Zeke and I took a walk over the bridge this morning and were the first customers in the door at West Marine - we had ordered some binoculars and a chart of the Hudson River. I think that is my last trip to a West Marine for awhile. Then, we picked up our ball fenders at the office . Garth got up and we all walked downtown. WOW - simply beautiful victorian homes - all meticulously painted and landscaped.  We reached the promenade and beaches; clearly someone on the town council does not like dogs. They are not allowed to walk along the promenade or on the beach - I get the beach part but not even on the promenade!!! You actually have to pay to go on the beach here - I think you buy a "tag" for a day a week or a season. Seems odd to pay to go to a beach.  We carried on and found the "Mall" - Zeke found a fountain which made up for the beach but shortly after he was stopped by the police because dogs are not allowed on the "Mall".  Glad he did not see him in the fountain as he surely would have ended up in canine jail!  We walked to the CVS and got some band aids, stopped in at an antique store then walked back to the grocery store.  You have to pay to park in the grocery store parking lot if you are there for over a half hour!! Seems like you have to pay for everything in New Jersey. There were six boaters all outside having a chat (about the weather, no doubt) - we grabbed some milk and bread then you guessed it, walked back to the boat. So, we walked alot today!! As we were walking back I noticed these people coming towards us - they looked like boaters - as they passed us I thought, NO WAY - that can't be ---- I turned and said IVY - ROBERT - she said "yes" and I took off my sunglasses, It was Robert Wightman and his wife Ivy - Robert was the head of science at Lincoln and my immediate "boss" for several years.  I knew they were somewhere in the US on their boat as Frank Gold had mentioned it to me but I did not really expect to see them. We had a long chat, Garth and I had previously made arrangements to get together with the "Harbor Hosts" for Cape May at 4:30. We hustled back and Rich was here to pick us up.  So, we went over to their condo and Carol had put out delicious appetizers, we sat out on their deck with a fabulous view of the Cape May harbor. They are starting the Loop in two weeks.  We went out to dinner with them and then they came back to see the boat. Hopefully we can return their hospitality when they arrive in Georgian Bay.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  We walked Zeke after they left and went over to Robert and Ivy's boat, they ended up coming over here and we caught up on their trip - they are planning on being home in August and will cross their wake in Georgian Bay!!

A great day in Cape May.
We have a reservation for tomorrow (Thursday) at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City  but the weather is telling us to stay in Cape May, so, although I would rather be hanging out at a casino Garth thinks it is best if we wait it out here. Humm ... the slots are calling my name......will have to wait!!!

Pictures of Cape May to follow tomorrow!!