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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trenton - Campelllford

Miles travelled     27.3 NM or 51.8 km                                                                  Time travelled: 6:45

Locks completed   12

Docked at: Chamber of Commerce Campbellford Wall - East side, 50 amp & H2O  $90.00

The sign says it all

Back on the blue highway! Rush hour today comprised of a few fishing boats and one Trent Severn working barge. The weather was fabulous - hot - 2 lobsters on the boat tonight.

When we arrived at the hospital in Simcoe last week to see Garth's father the doctor told us he had, at the most, two weeks to live unless he was strong enough to go through an operation and if she could find a doctor to do it in his weakened condition. When we returned the rental car on Friday to Trenton we both got our good clothes as we were truly thinking that we would be attending a funeral.  He was transferred to Hamilton Friday night and they operated Sat about four.  We visited with him for Father Day and he was better so we thought, one more day and if he is improving we would move the boat.  On Sunday night we went to Simcoe to stay with his Mother.  Monday morning we got a call that my father was in the hospital - never rains but it pours! So, we visited in Hamilton with Garths Dad  then drove up to Orangeville to see my Dad.  Both Dads are improving. Special thanks to Terri and Mary Alice for all of their help. 

We arrived in Trenton, about 5 last night. Thanks a million Gary for the ride!  Gary is my brothers best friend and like a third brother to me - he got on the boat walked into the salon and said - "Kath, Holy ----there's a boat in your living room!" We order pizza from the place across the street and Gary drove back to Caledon.

The Trent Severn lock-keepers are AWESOME!!! Get this, lock #1 needed to close for a few hours to let water out of the dam so he called the marina to see if there was anyone planning on leaving this morning  - Craig at Fraser Park Marina told them we were then he came over and told us so we made a hasty exit and started our journey to Pentanguishine.
My brother Bruce, sister-in law Jane and niece Megan are along, doing the locks with assistance is an immense help - we have the system down pat and would be considered model lockers, if I do say so myself!

The lock-keepers & their helpers are special people and in my opinion great ambassadors. Every one of them were helpful, hospitable, and pleasant. They gave Megan game pieces, species cards and Zeke got quiet a few cookies. It got to the point were when we got up to the top of the lock Zeke was looking for the guys in the green shorts.  At Glen Ross Lock the lock-keeper told us we had been working too hard and that we should tie up and go for an ice cream. Garth said "we don't have time" but the crew had a different idea. We secured our lines, jumped ship and walked across the road for ice-cream. Only one size - huge! 
 The lock-keeper knew we wanted to make Campbellford tonight and at lock 10 & 11 they stayed open a half hour later for us!!   Kudos to Parks Canada and the lock-keepers!

Love these guys in green shorts with cookies!!

We arrived in Campbellford about 4:30, I yelled at some kids on the wall and asked if they would like to work their muscles and grab some lines - they were only to willing to help. We hooked up to power and water then the 5 of us went for a walk around town. Great bakery just down the street ! Had BBQ"ed T-bones after a long day and now the five of us all have our noses in a piece of electronic equipment. Bruce has loaned us his wifi connection for the summer so we have turned our smart phones back on while we are on the boat.

One of forty-five? 


Bruce, Jane & Meg

The Mutiny on The Algonquin

Meg holding up the Toonie!

 Alqonquin docked for the night.