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Friday, June 10, 2011

Amsterdam NY - Little Falls NY

Distance Travelled today 36.7 NM               Time Travelled  8 hours -  (2.5 hours in locks)

Total Distance  1683 NM

Locks today  7, yesterday was really only 10 - not 11

Docked at:  Little Falls Canal Harbor-just past lock 17, $1 a foot - nice place

The train system follows the river system and the trains run all night. The whistles started about 5 am but hey, we are used to getting up early. Unfortunately the locks don't open until 7 - Zeke had fun playing ball and Sid called ahead to ask if the lock was ready.  We learned that although they open at 7 they have to do security checks and sometimes that means 7:30 or later.  Our lucky morning - we were the first ones in the lock and so starts our day.
The weather has really cooled down - we have gone from the heat wave in New York City area to the coolness of the Erie in a day. I am not complaining, keeping my sweatband on just in case!! I added a pair of Tiffany earrings to my ensemble today just to spruce it up a notch!  Still waiting for the Boating Life magazine photographer to be at one of these locks!!

New Jersey boaters have a reputation ( not you Rich) and sure enough today a NJ speed boat goes zipping by us - gets to the lock and doesn't say " there are 3 more boats behind me" - Garth thanked him on the radio as we waited 20 minutes for him to go through. Our introduction to NJ boaters was from Dan & Judy "Quest" - they were moving at a steady rate through the NJ waters and a "go fast boat" got on the VHF and said to Dan "Hey Yacht boy - put down the martini and hit the throttle"!!!

The day was pleasant and COOL - I was ready for the sweat to be dripping down my brow once again but it was actually a little chilly. The locks are fine - some lock keepers are really slow about letting the water in and  one guy just let it pour in and the boat started to get away from me. Garth was yelling at me to cleat the line and I eventually did but it was hard. We have these huge balls on both sides of the boat so I was not too worried. It all worked out!

Lock 17 is one of two such locks - the other on the Ottawa River. Instead of gates opening it is like a guillotine door going up and down - the lock lifts you 40.5 feet. Kind of like being in a slimy well!

We spied a dock just after the lock and pulled in - nice place, good price and peaceful. Have not heard a train yet!

Constant dredging on the waterways

How many more sleeps?

Lock 17 , 40.5 foot lift

The guillotine door is open

Something Special in the Lock

Someone Special in the lock!