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Friday, May 27, 2011

Baltimore to Delaware City

Waiting outside the Baltimore Harbor for a pilot boat

Departure 6:30      Arrival  2:30       Distance travelled   65NM

Total distance travelled:  1286 NM

Up and at em very early! Between the no wake zones, slow speed areas and all the floating logs it took us over an hour to get out of the Baltimore Harbor. The whole way up the Chesapeake we were watching for logs floating debris and of course crab pots. At one point a large Sea Ray type boat took aim for us - Garth and I were both so shocked .... Garth hit the horn and the idiot quickly changed course. Very strange!!! We set a speed record today coming through the C&D Canal, the current was pushing us and we were zipping right along at 11.5 knots.  A white knuckle ride!!! (just kidding)
We arrived in Delaware City around 2:30, tied up and walked Zeke around town. Delaware City is advertised as Williamsburg without the admission - well we have been to Williamsburg and I really do not think the two towns compare.
There is one other Looper boat here - a sailboat from Sweden! They have been gone three years and just started the loop in Fort Lauderdale. We joined them at the Crab Shack and then meet them later on the main street when they were looking for fresh bread!!  Bakeries seem to be a thing of the past, we have yet to run across a town bakery.

Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

Delaware City

Main Street  Delaware City

Innovative hazard warning -plastic chair, tomato cage and fluorescent ribbon!

Spending the weekend here so will take a few days off from blogging . Since I started doing this I have stopped getting emails from some of you. So, you all know what we are doing but we do not hear back from you....... a pitfall of blogging . Drop us a line why don't ya!!