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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waterford NY to Amsterdam NY

Distance travelled 32 NM                                  Time travelled today 7 hours

Total Distance  1646 NM                                   Locks today  11 YES ELEVEN

Docked at Riverlink Park, Amsterdam, NY  1$ a foot

Seven hours, eleven locks and 32 nautical miles - doesn't seem like much, but we are exhausted.  Even though we were right at the lock the first one was filled up with a barge so we caught the 8 o'clock opening. The first six locks are relatively new and have these nice cables to attach a line to - after that they are old and ....... we were running like a well oiled machine for the first two hours - we were even drinking our coffee as the lock was rising. We sat on the bow and watched the rope - a nice way to start the day.
At lock number 8 we pulled in and no cables, no ropes, just a ladder. I attached a line to the ladder and we were thinking what the hell is going on - 60,000 pounds of boat and one ladder - we thought the ladder was for an emergency exit, not for locking. Anyhow we managed and when we got to the top I asked the guy what the heck we were supposed to do - he said we should have grabbed the lines - we said what lines - Oh he said, they are gone ...... our lesson - look for the lines. It all worked out but ..... the next four locks had ropes - no cables and it is difficult to hold the boat against the wall. I grab the rope and secure it then go to the back and grab another one, meanwhile Garth shuts down the engines and runs to grab the front line. We have it down pat now. Luckily the locks were not crowded today.

Once again we were playing not only dodge the log but dodge the dead fish!!


Note the headband to keep the sweat out of my eyes, the dark glasses to hide the bags under my eyes, the purple gloves to keep the slimmy rope juice off my nails and what you can't see is the knife in my pocket for emergency cutting of the lines!!

Guard gate number one

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Algonquin with the arch down tied up for the night.