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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cape May, Signs

Well, we waited out the weather at Utschs Marina and after reading some other blogs I am glad we did. We got our new phones - another learning curve. I called Verizon this morning and asked for help in setting up my jawbone - the kid told me that they no longer provide manuals because they are going GREEN.  I told him that the next time he is at a staff meeting to please mention that people over 50 like manuals!!  Anyhow, I digress.
I walked around Cape May yesterday, Garth did some polishing and Carrie and Frank arrived from Delaware City in the afternoon - great to see them again! Bob and Jayne from "Lady Jane" joined us for cocktails and then the six of us all went to dinner to the Lobster House.

Dog park with more rules, no shade and you have to pay!!!

Didn't know one existed!

Grocery store parking lot!

How do you become a house guest at a hardware store?