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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cape May, New Jersey


Sign, Sign everywhere a sign!!
Zeke & Bella - a friend in every port
Well, we were supposed to head out this morning but there was a small craft warning, big waves close together and high winds. Although we are not a "small craft" we decided to stay put. A sailboat left this morning, got out to the ocean and quickly came back in. Of the four boats that had planned to leave today all four of us are staying put!!
Zeke found the fountain on the walking street - NO DOGS ALLOWED
So, catch up day. I am dealing with Verizon on some phone issues, Garth is cleaning the bilges, Zeke is snoozing.

Beach Ave.

Lovely Victorian homes

It's a small world !

We ran into Robert and Ivy walking down Washington Street, Cape May. Robert was my department head when I taught in the science department at Lincoln Alexander S.S. !  They left Canada last July and are completing their Loop, planning on being home some time in August.