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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cape May New Jersey to Atlantic City, New Jersey

Departure  6:50     Arrival    10:50                 Distance travelled   38.3

Total Distance traveled    1376 NM

Docked at :  Trump Marina,  $3.00 ft. + power - does not include wifi!! Price is actually down from last year.
The other boats that left yesterday took about 5-6  hours to get up here so we left very early - need time to gamble. It only took us four hours so I was in the casino within an hour of arriving.  The following picture tells the story!
Got to know when to go home.

Usually, I keep playing until it is all gone but today when I got up $400 I  packed it in! Garth came looking for me and was pleased I had not gone broke - the usual scenario! I was up more than this but I gave Garth some and then we bought lunch . All in all a good day. We are off for a glass of wine with Jane and Bob, then to bed for the big run into NYC tomorrow.  

We  meet some fellow Canucks - Sid and Evelyn from Woodstock, they followed us up this morning and I think the three of us - Bob/Jane, Sid/Evelyn, Garth and I will form a convoy tomorrow - safety in numbers when you are dealing with the New Jersey boaters!!!! (Not you Rich)

Some of Zeke's friends from Cape May
Daper has had enough!

Zeke & Daper