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Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Chute Blue Line - Penatang Town Dock (home for the summer)

Distance travelled   20 NM                                                        Time Travelled: 3 hours

Total Distance travelled 2080 NM

Docked at:   Historic Port of Penatanguishine for the summer!!

Big Chute marine Railway

The approach

All settled in for the ride

The crew taking a look & taking pics

Over the road we go

Thank you Parks Canada!!!

The other side of the road - pretty steep decline

Zeke taking it in stride

We were ready for the 8:30 start of the Big Chute- they rolled back the rail car and via a loud speaker told us to make sure all our fenders were up - yup - we're ready! Garth easily maneuvered the boat onto the ramp, we told them we had stabilizers, they asked a few questions and then lifted the boat. Very strange, going over the road and down the hill. The chute keepers looked under the boat, said all looked well. A relief after hearing more than a few bumps between Fort Lauderdale and here.They waited with us at the other side as Garth opened up all the sea cocks and off we floated! Pretty cool experience.  We went through Gloucester Pool, more beautiful scenery and beautiful summer places. We spotted Mardi and Glen on their deck, waved and gave them a honk! About 10 minutes later they they were on the ski-doo waiting in a little cove. They had snuck around a back channel, had a chat and off we went.
The last lock was the smallest on the system and only had room for us - I am glad that is the end of the locks for a while!



.Some of the channels today were very narrow but it was not busy. It only took about three hours to get from Big Chute to Penatang.

The only moose we saw.

A cottage?

Susie picked us up and we were back at my parents place in Caledon by 5. In all the rush we forgot the car keys so it is going to be a round trip to Penatang tomorrow.

This will be the end of my daily blog for a while !

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