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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Croton on the Hudson, New York to Catskill, New York

Depature Time: 8:00    Arrival Time:   4:30

Distance Travelled: 67 NM

Total Distance: 1576 NM

Docked at Catskill Marina     $2.25 ft. nice floating docks no pilons!

There were several Loopers at the Croton last night and we all got together for docktails. It was nice seeing people we had not seen in weeks and meeting new loopers as well.  Five of us left this morning - one just went for fuel, one went to Kingston, one to West Point and two of us came up to the town of Catskill.

The scenery was beautiful - such a nice change to see the rock, pine trees and mountains!!! It was hard to appreciate the true beauty of the landscape as we were constantly playing "dodge the log" on the Hudson. Incredible what is flowing down the river. I hope the canals are in better shape.

The radio was very quiet today - as a matter of fact I had to ask Garth if it was on - no Pan Pans.

We arrived about 4:30, I called in to Customs and Border Control and spoke to Officier TUFF - no kidding. For the first time one of them said "is this Kathy" humm- so they really do keep track. In this "sector" I have to call in every night.

Looks like the West to me.

Beautiful, wide river and quiet!

Lighthouse  dated 1871