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Friday, June 24, 2011

Viamede Resort Marina - Talbot Lock Wall #38

Distance Travelled today       67nm                                                   Time travelled 8:30

Docked at: Bolsover Lock Wall

Locks today 9

Elephant Island, site of the annual bonfire because there are no fires allowed on any of the islands.

People who live in glass houses get waked!!

Yep! it's tight in here!

Lovesick Lock -on an island

Dreaded houseboat in background

Bruce & Meg having a pow-wow

Soldiers from Camp Maple Leaf - an island where military families can vacation .

Miss Meg drives Algonquin.

The infamous Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream

Kirkfield Lift Lock

Approaching Hole in the Wall
Up early and off to lock number #28 for the 8:30 opening. We arrived and the Carver was there as well as a houseboat and a pontoon boat. Humm - we all squeezed in, it was tight, but you have to trust that these lock keepers know what they are doing. I am just glad that we have all these fenders  - on both sides. The Carver stopped for fuel so the next lock it was us, a houseboat and a boat from NY.  After that lock we pretty much had the day to ourselves. We were going to stop in Bobcayegon but it was pouring rain so we pushed on to Fenlon Falls. We pulled over to the blue line, a women jumped out of her car to grab our lines --- turns out she has a Hatteras and has done the loop twice.  We made a dash for Slices & Scoops - poutine, pizza and ice-cream. Not a very healthy lunch crew!!!
We have gone through some absolutely beautiful areas today, clear lakes, weedy lakes, rocks, shale, farmland ....some simply stunning cottages and some real cottages.

We arrived at Lock 38 just at 7 pm. My Aunt Dorothy lives about 4 km from here so I asked the lock-master for directions - he spoke to her then offered to drive into town to pick her up!!! OM Goodness, how is that for service. We decided to make it a breakfast get together, Bruce and Garth are going to make blueberry pancakes.