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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lock 19 Wall - Viamede Resort, Stony Lake ( between Lock 27 & 28 )

 Distance today 21.5 NM                                          Time travelled      8 hours

Total distance to date 1946 NM                                Locks today  9

Docked at Viamede Resort  $2.50 a foot , to a maximum of $100.00, including power  WOW, finally the big boat get a break!!  
We had a thunder storm during the night and this morning as we were having our coffee a branch fell off the tree right on top of the aluminum fishing boat across the canal!  Sounded like fireworks going off.

Up & at em early, the lock opens at nine and we were right there waiting along with 2 others who had spent the night  The big Carver went in first, then us and finally the little Thunder Craft. We thanked the lock-keeper again for staying overtime to leave us the key and made our exit. First stop was the Peterborough marina for a pump-out. Great staff, nice kids - wish we could have made it there last night.

Peterborough fountain

Lock 21 is the highest lift - 65 feet. pretty cool and awesome views. We went in with the local tour boat full of school kids. Part of the commentary talked about DaVinci  being the designer of the system but Mr. Lock - a Brit putting it into action, therefore they are called Locks and not Da Vincis!!  The Peterborough lock was pretty cool - like a hydrolic bathtub. Great views from the top. At the next lock we caught up with the Carver - they were spinning around the outside and we all wondered what was up - next thing we see is that they are over on the blue line and two of them are diving under the boat. It appeared that they had a line caught in their props.  As we went by them they told us their Captain had almost cut his finger off and was on his way to the hospital. Geez - bad luck day!!  They all reassembled  2 locks down the line, captain had his finger stitched and wrapped! We made it into Lock 27 at 3:59 and she locked us through. 
Slow locks today, we had to wait for a few - tomorrow their summer hours start and all locks will be open and manned from 8:30 until 7 p.m . 

Lock # 21     Highest Lift Lock

This is what 65 feet down looks like!


Looking for lines on the props

A little too close for comfort!!!!

Meg and Zeke

A delicious meal at Viamede Resort