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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cambellford - Lock 19 Wall Peterborough

Distance Travelled      50 Nautical Miles                                                     Time Travelled    7:30

Locks    6 locks

Docked at Lock 19  South west wall , not sure of the cost yet
It turned out to be 90 cents a foot at the wall - expensive for no services I think!!

We were up and waiting for Lock 13 to open, we arrived as they were emptying it and from there until we got to lock 18 things ran like clockwork. At Lock 18 we had to wait for it to empty. So, between waiting for about 5 minutes at the beginning and waiting for Lock 18 we were not able to reach Lock 19 by 4 p.m.  Here we sit, tied to the wall with no power and no water. OK, we have the generator going and the tanks are filled with water. 
We docked all by ourselves - I was at the bow, Jane was mid-ship and Bruce & Meg were in the cockpit. Before we got here I had said to Bruce that there will be no kids around tonight to help us on the dock and his reply was that no there won't be, but I can throw a kid on the dock!!!   Great, I had visions of Megan flying through the air with a line attached to her - practicing her tumbling routine upon landing on ground and doing a final cartwheel over to the cleat!!! Luckily Jane and I managed to lasso our cleats quickly and so did Bruce, Megan was saved!

 One of the lock-keepers here waited 20 minutes for us to get here so that she could give us the key to the washrooms - I didn't have the heart to tell her that we have 3 washrooms on board.  The good news is that Swiss Chalet delivers to the lock - it was touch and go for a minute because they wanted a postal code but Bruce managed to place the order and it was here in no time! 
Two more boats have pulled up since we arrived , a big Carver that we helped dock and a little Thunder Craft. The Thunder craft is on its way to Bobcaygeon for a Tragically Hip Concert on Saturday night.  Too bad we can't hang around for that.
Osprey nest coming out of Healey Falls, Lock 16/17

Meg and Zeke watching the operation. 

Drizzly day along the Trent Severn today.

Not very many pics today because of the rain. 
Yes, Zeke looks different - he got a coiffure at a place that did not know that Porties do not get their muzzles shaved .... it'll grow back!!