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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Atlantic City - Atlantic Highlands

Departure 6:40                     Arrival  3:45                     Distance travelled   82.7 NM

Total Distance to date:  1459 NM

Docked at: Atlantic Highlands  $2.75  no internet, no cable, fixed docks, good fuel price $3.75

We left very early as you can see - the weather was supposed to be  nice and the ocean was supposed to be like glass ..... humm .... although it was not terrible it was a bit rough. This was the first day that Zeke showed any sign of stress. He was panting and drooling - I laid on the floor with him and then tried to encourage him to come up on the couch with me - no such luck, I spent a few hours with him on the floor then he got used to it and was fine. He hesitated to move around too much but did finally sit on the couch with his head looking out the window. Poor guy.  When we arrived Robert and Ivie were here , also Ed and Joanne so we all got together with Evelyn and Sid and heard about Roberts' Coast Guard adventure. The other couple that left with us - Bob and Jayne decided to go in another inlet around noon because it was a bit too rough.
Everyone monitors the VHF - it is your lifeline and your entertainment on the water! Yesterday, we heard the coast guard responding to a PAN PAN for a boat taking on water. When the Coast Guard asked the name of the boat and repeated Midnight Sun ( we could only hear one side of the conversation) I told Garth that was Robert and Ivies boat. We thought it was a sailing vessel and also the Coast Guard was from Delaware Bay.  After a little while I said I think I will call Robert and see - no answer, but then again if your boat were taking on water the last thing you would be doing is answering your cell phone. So, I sent an email. Heard back that it was indeed them but that everything worked out and the boat really was not taking on water that a hose had come lose and the bilge pump did not work!  Exciting & scary!! We got to hear the whole story first hand.
Today the Coast Guard was talking about a 12 foot great white shark off the beach, a dead whale in the channel and then of all people Captain James D Kirk got on the VHF an announced he was from the United Federation of Planets - never heard any more from him. I suggested that Garth  call back and say something - but he wouldn't!!

From where we are right now we have a beautiful view of the New York City skyline. Tomorrow we will go up through he harbor and start our journey up the Hudson. Can't wait to see the Statue of Liberty!!!

Will post pics tomorrow night!