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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Pressure to Post!!

Docked at:  Sunset Bay Marina

The other day I asked Judy (on Quest) if she wanted to go somewhere with us - she said "No, that she needed to get her blog posted as she was getting pressure to post." I didn't really think much of it until this morning when I opened my email and got this: the names have been left unchanged to single out the sender! 

Okay, so the last we knew you were in Stuart, Zeke's health is looking rosey, you were waiting for Hurricane Sandy and were not sure what you were going to do when the storm hit.  Then we find out Garth is driving around in a fancy Aston Martin.  Where is the continuity here?  What happened in between?  Was the Aston Martin thrown up onto Algonquin during Sandy?  Are you headed to the Bahamas?  How is it staying in Stuart (which was a place that we were considering spending some time this winter on Coda.)  Now, of course, Coda is high and very dry in Rockland ME and we are in Newport, boatless.  Herk went up to ME this week to get a boat fix but basically we are boatless.

Hurricane Sandy came and went.  We were prepared for the worst but in reality it was just really strong winds and sheets of rain for two days. But, yes it did blow the Aston Martin up onto our deck and finders keepers losers weepers! The worst part of Sandy was putting everything back after the storm – moving the cushions back out, putting up the canvas and then cleaning the salt off the boat.  
Hurricane Sandy  - the trees are really blowing!

Looking out to the mooring field - pretty choppy!

 We took a drive along the ocean the next day; you could see huge amounts of “stuff” strewn around, mostly tree parts.  Glad we were safe and sound at the dock.
 For Halloween we went to a pot luck the marina held. So many pirates in one place! It was a fun evening.  Hard to believe that it is November – before you know it 2013 will be here!

 We found a dog sitter through a woman who was cleaning the boat next door. We took Zeke there for a meet and greet and he seemed very comfortable. The West Palm Antique Extravaganza was on so Zeke went to day care and we spent the day at the show. There were some lovely things but the prices on the internet are much better.  We (Garth) did find one nice piece of Etruscan majolica! It’s a replacement of one I broke long ago (drats) so it was a good day.
Garth has been busy getting the engines ready.  Some spots are tight and I sometimes hear moaning and groaning, followed by grunts and some very colorful words . He usually comes out covered in grease and happy. This week he is taking advantage of the cool weather and sanding the teak railing and prepping for the varnish.  Next week we will turn the boat around and do the other side!

For those of you who have followed the blog you may recall me talking about QUEST.  It has been over a year since we have seen Dan and Judy, but we have followed each other’s blogs and been in touch. Well, they pulled in beside us last Friday and WOW was it great to see them!  Quest looks spiffy inside and out - some major changes since we saw her last.  Dan had to return to Vermont, and you know Garth is busy doing the teak, so that leaves Judy and I with nothing to do but shop.  We have pretty much covered Jensen Beach and Stuart.  Shopping while on a boat really isn't shopping since you are very limited in what you can bring back. It is better classified as browsing. Although the Florida powerball is 214 million tomorrow and I did manage to find room on the boat for a few tickets!

Last weekend we went down to Sailfish Marina to have lunch with Linda. She was here to attend her brother’s wedding celebration. The actual wedding took place two months ago. Linda, her Mom, Cheryl , and Linda and Les’ kids Scott and Lindsay were all here. Archie flew them down in a private jet, very nice. This is where the Aston Martin comes in. They couldn't all fit into the Mercedes so Linda’s brother gave Scott the Aston to drive for the afternoon!!  After lunch Scott, Garth and Zeke went for a drive. When they came back Garth was driving!  “It is like a rocket on wheels. What a sound when you kick it.”  That really did make Garths day! Thanks Linda for the great lunch and thanks Scott for giving up the steering wheel – did you have a chance to say no?

We are busy getting organized to head over to the Bahamas. Judy and I were out "stocking" (not stalking) the other day – had to quit at 6pm ....guess I am getting old ..... gone are the days of twelve hour shopping sprees! YSYL!
When we arrived back to the boat there were some people visiting with Dan and Garth. This couple from Minnesota or Wisconsin had been having dinner at the marinas restaurant and noticed the boat Algonquin.  They are planning on doing the loop in a few years, have a 53 Hatteras Yachtfish,  found our blog while doing some research and have been loyal followers ever since. So that was interesting meeting people who know all about us! 
  Peggy and Steve came up Sunday morning. We played cards till the wee hours of the morning. Garth and Steve somehow managed to beat Peggy and I........ doesn't happen very often!  (editor’s note: they were reeling)

 The win was too much for Garth, he made a trip to the local Urgent Care Facility first thing Monday morning !  In actual fact he has not been feeling well for a few weeks. After blood work and two CT scans he was diagnosed with diverticulitis!  Something he knows he has but it had not acted up for quite a while!  A five day course of a very powerful antibiotic and one more trip back to the doctor this Monday,we hope. We will wait to get a green light from the doctor before we leave the dock.  Thanks Steve for giving up your  morning and accompanying Garth to the doctor. 

So there, I have succumbed to the pressure and posted all the news that is fit to print and then some.

Did I mention the oil change is done! We are ready to get moving!!

PS Santa, if you are reading this I would like a new camera!

Milly, I did have some of this ready to go, thanks for the push!!