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Monday, June 13, 2011


Distance travelled  73.6 NM

Time travelled   7:56

Total Distance 1847 NM

Docked at Trenton Marina    $1.25 ft.

We had fully intended on spending today in Oswego cleaning the boat and waiting for the weather to change - as a matter of fact, Garth had even paid for two nights - non refundable!! But, we woke up this morning and you could tell there was something in the air - at 7:30 people were buzzing all over the docks. Two sailboats were getting their masts put up, "Wolly Bully" was taking in his power and the people on the boat beside us were looking at the sky and talking about the NOAA reports.  The weather had indeed changed and today was the day to cross Lake Ontario, not tomorrow as predicted a day earlier.  GREAT!! We ran around like fools stowing things, getting Zeke off and informing Sid and Evelyn that we were going to cross.
The marina refused to refund us our money - that is on my list of things to do tomorrow - negotiate with them! Garth told them that his sister and brother in law were behind us on a boat and asked if they could they use it, she is going to check with the Grand Fromage  - the boat ---"Once Around".  Carrie - you have a brother!!

The lake looked really rough and for the first two hours it was - we were rocking and rolling. Then it settled down and became a nice smooth predictable ride. Unfortunately, the rocking and rolling did not agree with Zeke, we tried to get him to buck up telling him about his ancestors on the fishing boats in the North Atlantic but that did nothing. The poor guy was so sick.  He has had a bad week!!
We arrived in Trenton about 4:30. Much to our surprise there were two swing bridges on the Murray Canal coming in - we made then both but our friends on "Something Special" got stuck between them. The guy would not open the bridge for them - they are tied up to the wall with no power and no water.  Crazy! They close at 4:20  --- government workers!!!
We called in to Canada Customs when we arrived and the women asked Garth a few questions, gave us a number to put in the window and said have a nice time.
We have rented a car for tomorrow and will be going east to see our folks for a few days then continuing up the Trent -Severn.
There are two boats here tonight that have just come down and it took them 9 days - they said that things are moving quickly because there is hardly any traffic on the canals. That's great, we had anticipated it taking two weeks. Just like the weather, the course and speed are also unpredictable.
As we have seen it is very difficult to have a schedule with all the variables that come in to play when trying to get from A to B on a boat. If anyone out there in blog land plans on visiting you need to keep two things in mind - You can pick the time or you can pick the place (that you get on or get off the boat) but you cannot pick both.

We are excited to be back in Ontario - it has been about six months since we have seen our families, Garth's Dad is still in the hospital so that will be our first stop.
Taking the next few days off and will hopefully be back on the boat and heading up the Trent on Thursday or Friday!

Will post pics later from today!