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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Falls NY - Brewerton NY

Distance Travelled   63 NM                                                 Time Travelled  9:31

Number of Locks:  5 locks today, 3 up and 2 down!

Docked at: Winter Harbor Marina, Brewerton,  .90 ft  - 2 courtesy cars, wifi  and very nice owner

Well, you know it is going to be a bad day when you wake up at 5 a.m to pouring rain -  every hatch and window on the boat was open and you step in something cold and mushy. I went to the front room and couldn't reach the hatch so had to go outside to close it - back in to grab the mattress covers off the beds in that room. Galley windows closed, worked my way back to the bedroom to close our windows and portholes then upstairs. Geez - the mattress covers are now in the wash and the bedspreads in the dryer. The fan is on and the mattress is out in the hallway getting some air.
Zeke, was sick all over the bathroom floor - smart dog not to be sick on the new rugs !  So, here we sit with fleeces on in June waiting for the rain to subside. If we didn't have the locks to do it would be a great travel day but it would just be miserable out there in this. According to the weather Gods the rain is supposed to stop within a few hours.  If that happens we will put some miles on.
Don't know what Zeke got into - he is definitely down a quart today. Think it may be the Erie Canal water he drank yesterday while having a swim.
Isn't technology great - we are travelling through the Erie Canal at present using our mifi for a connection - the rain stopped about 10:30 and we left.. A great stop - we realized last night that we could not take our plants across the border so this morning we asked Chris - the dockmaster at Little Falls if she would babysit our plants - she said yes and off we went. We will pick them up in the fall on the way back down.
 We have completed 20 locks so far, I realized today that there is no lock number 1 on the Erie - the one that everyone counts as number one is the Federal lock in Albany.
  The next one, coming up in about 10 miles will be our first lock going down.
We are hoping to get across Lake Oneida today and then it is up the Oswego Canal - 24 miles and 7 locks before entering and crossing Lake Ontario -- I think I can smell Tim Horton's coffee!
Here we are crossing Lake Oneida - the wind was just right and although it has been a long day this will put us in position to wait for a good day to cross Lake Ontario.  We will also feed the twins (diesel),as it is only $4.19 a gallon - OUCH!!
Getting excited to be back home soon !!

The lock master handed us a print out saying " keep UNMARKED GREEN buoy to PORT"
good thing cause we would have thought it had floated out of place - see how close it is to shore!!

Sylvan Beach - Amusement park in background

Better shot but it is drizzling so Garth wouldn't stop!

Here we go into  Lake Oneida

Will post this now and fill in the blanks about where we are staying and how long it takes us to get there later.