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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting it out in Beaufort

We were prepared to head out this morning but the weather did not look very good so we stayed put. We spent a great deal of the day calling marinas in Georgian Bay looking for a slip for the summer. Narrowing down the options, a lot of places do not have room for bigger boats.  Garth decided to fill up with diesel and that took about a half hour by the time he got the hose and soap and spill bottle all set up. He went up and paid for the diesel and another nights stay, when he handed me the bill I looked at it and the girl had charged us for three gallons of diesel instead of 275 gallons - only about a thousand dollars difference.

Dark and dreary morning

Little swells but big wind
This poor guy tried to dock in the wind.

You can see the person standing on the sailboat - protecting his boat - I went out to put fenders on the side when I saw him turning in . There were four people on the dock helping and the wind still pushed him into the sailboat.

Sometimes you're the show and sometimes you're the audience!!
Feeding the twins!

And, yes, Garth went back and told her she had made a mistake - so she gave us a discount!

Hopefully we will be heading to Oriental tomorrow - the sailing capital of North Carolina! From there we are aiming for Bellhaven NC then contemplating heading up the DISMAL SWAMP to Norfolk, Virginia.