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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tangier Island, Virginia to Soloman Island, Maryland

We did leave early but not early enough because when we got up the other boats we were blocking appeared all ready to go......need to work on this early morning thing! Sea Estate and Blue Angel had listened to the weather reports and were a bit concerned as their boats are not as big or as heavy as ours. They helped push us off the dock and we promised to radio back the weather and wave report when we got out in the bay. We also said that if it were bad we would be back!  It was pretty smooth, still no cell service so we were communicating with them by VHF. Once we crossed the VA- MD state line we got one bar of cell service and as we got closer to land the signal got stronger.
We arrived in Soloman Island about noon and as we were entering I got an email from Frank & Carrie on "Once Around" saying they were in the Soloman Harbor on their dingy - so, as we were tying up they came along and we made plans to meet up for lunch. Let me tell you about their dingy - centre console inflatable with a 40 HP motor, GPS & fish finder,VHF radio, drink holders - it's like a second home - Frank had it shipped from California cause he wanted his dingy!!!  Not only that but it sits on a platform that lowers into the water. You step off the boat into the dingy press a button and you're off!!! I WANT ONE!!
                 SUPER DINGY & CARRIE  -this is actually from today in Oxford

Anyhow, just as we were settling in a Portuguese Water Dog and it's owners came down the dock - they had been watching us enter the harbor as they were sitting on their 1979, 53 Hatteras Yachtfish !!  Would you believe their dogs name is Zeke!!! Really nice people - Tim & Jan and they are actually members of the Hatteras 1510 club we joined - so they are the first people we have meet.
Zeke out for a dingy ride/
We meet Carrie and Frank, had lunch then Garth, Zeke and I went for a dingy ride around the harbor! Pretty cool, we visited with "Jet Stream" from Nevada ( meet in Norfolk) ,Carrie and Frank were holding on to them talking so we held on to the "super dingy" and had a chat.  Continued on around the harbor then back to the boat and chilled.