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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Day in Oriental

We walked about the town and came upon several interesting stores. The first one of course was the Food Emporium where Garth had quiche - something he has been wanting but couldn't find - from all accounts it was delicious. From there we found a Marine Consignment store - we looked and looked but did not find anything we could use !!! Surprising eh! We did however discover the Hardware//Marine store that had some little things that we needed - like whitewall tire cleaner to use on the fenders and a good paintbrush for when we do the teak. I heard from someone - no names mentioned ANDY that women are better at this. HUMM- Garth picked out the brush so I think I'll let him use it.
We discovered the shrimp store and stocked up - too bad the season hasn't started yet.
Rock dinosaur eggs are placed around the town as Wildlife Nesting Areas

Spring has sprung

Even Zeke took time to stop and smell the flowers

Marine Consignment Store

Off tomorrow - we have decided not to do the Dismal Swamp and are going to head up to Coinjock via Belhaven and Alligator River Marina.