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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Soloman Island, Maryland - Oxford, Maryland

OK, boat talk for a minute. Yesterday at lunch Frank and Garth were talking about boat maneuvers - we have seen boats that just move sideways - seriously, it is so cool - they literally slide - we or at least I assumed that they had a bow and a stern thruster --- NOT SO. Frank was describing how to do this move and he had explained it to another Looper - Captain Barb, on Tropical Breeze. So, I non chalantley said to Garth - "If a women can do it then you must be able to do it" .....nothing like a challenge of the sexes!! So, this morning we did a "Frank" off the dock - let me tell you it was so stealth like and Garth did a fabulous job!
We arrived in Oxford around noon and had made arrangements to dock at the Tred Avon Yacht Club, when we got there the women said that there was no one around to help us dock and the sailboaters who were out on the race course had all left their lines on the docks ..... so we continued on and ended up at the other end of town. We walked around had some crab balls for lunch, found the bank and general store then returned to the dock . It was nice to see that , "Once Around", "Jet Stream" and "Tropical Breeze" were all here. Docktails at 5:30,  Garth and I quickly cleaned the boat cause we had been somewhat neglectful since leaving Norfolk, joined in for docktails and are now catching up on emails and phone calls.
YEAH - Another beach

White picket fence & beautiful 

Off to St. Micheal's tomorrow.