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Monday, May 23, 2011

Oxford, Maryland

We had intended to go to St. Michaels today but the forecast did not look great, 15-20 knot winds, we have been moving right along and we just couldn't get motivated to move so we spent another day. I cleaned the electrical cord - fun job, it ticks me off when we spend all this time cleaning the boat then when we put away the power cord is runs along the deck and all the gunk falls off or it leaves black streaks. So, I scrubbed three quarters of it this morning.  we worked around the boat until noonish then got the dingy down and we went in search of Quest and lunch. We went over and picked up  Frank and Carrie and off we went. As we were getting organized "Sea Estate" and "Blue Angel" pulled in to the harbor and anchored.  We circled the harbor and ended up having lunch with them at Schooners.

Ed, Connie, Jim, Sharon, Carrie , Frank & Garth  having lunch!

We were having trouble with the engine on the dingy, when we docked for lunch we paddled in and Ed grabbed the lines - always something. Anyhow, we left with Carrie and Frank and went in search of "Quest" .  Didn't think it was possible to hide a 54 foot Hatteras with a big "Q" on the stack but we could not find it.
Frank & Carrie on the hunt

Garth & Zeke searching for Quest.

We had fun blasting through the water - you'd think after being in a boat all the time being in a little dingy would be boring but it is like leaving your house and getting in the car to go for a drive around town!
We ended our search, returned to the marina and Garth and I watched as Carrie & Frank lowered there platform by remote , drove their dingy right onto the platform and leisurely stepped off.  So James Bond like!  I WANT ONE!!!!Back at Algonquin I almost fell in the water getting off, managed to do the splits and recover - gracefully I might ad!!! NOT - we need to come up with an exit strategy.
We found dinner at the Inn and enjoyed a chocolate ganache Smith Island cake.  It was pretty gooood!
Our plans have changed, we are going to skip St. Michaels and spend the next three days in Baltimore!

Smith Island cake