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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beaufort North Carolina

We had a well deserved long sleep. It is amazing to me how tired we get - has to be the sea air and the early mornings. We tidied up  the boat this morning, Frankie and Andy were coming over at 11:30 and we wanted to make sure the boat was presentable. They left it so clean and neat - inside and out ! Garth washed the deck, I had just done it in Myrtle Beach but it wasn't clean enough for him . I dusted and vacuumed !
Andy and Frankie Bailey - FRANDY (Algonquins previous name)
Frankie and Andy arrived about 11:30 , we had a list of questions to ask them. They ran this boat for twenty years so they know it best.  They also had two carts full of goodies for the boat that they had stored in their garage! It was like Christmas, Garth is still going through the things and I am sure the label maker will come out tonight. Frankie had new sheets for the guest beds - a welcome addition! We drove into town and they treated us to a wonderful lunch at Clawsons.  Off to Oriental tomorrow weather permitting!