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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baltimore, Charm City & Home of the Orioles

Home away from home

It is unusually hot for Baltimore this time of year, 86 degrees ( 30 C) today and calling for 93 degrees (34 C) tomorrow, everyone is complaining.  We are right downtown in a beautiful location, stores, museum, the aquarium and people everywhere - getting our big city fix!
We decided to walk around the harbor and find lunch.  Ended up in Little Italy and I had a great veal &eggplant sandwich, Garth indulged in gorgonzola gnocchi. Yummy!  We went to a little market that had all kinds of ethnic food but the stalls were closed up. We walked around the area of town known as Fell's Point - a little like Parkdale in Toronto, cool eclectic stores and cafes.  We decided to walk to West Marine, thinking it was close - not so much. After walking another 45 minutes I called the store and he said we were about two miles away, so we carried on. It was really only about another half hour away. We stopped for Big Gulps at the 7 -11 and then went shopping. We needed to get big ball fenders for the locks and they did not have them but they ordered them for us and we will pick them up at the Cape May West Marine. I should be doing a review of West Marine stores along the route! We also got a little hand held GPS for the dingy, so now we can really go exploring!  We walked past a big grocery store on the way so decided to walk back and do some shopping then take a taxi back to the boat. Getting a taxi was a challenge - finally hailed one down and off we went. This guy should have been wearing gloves and a helmet - it was like being in the Indy 500.  He was on a mission and nothing could slow him down. The traffic was heavy because of the Orioles game tonight but he took it as a challenge to weave and speed!!  I am getting too use to moving at a snails pace.
So, what turned out to be a little walk around the harbor ended up being an all day event and we did not get back to the boat until 6:45!!

Our new neighbours!
Great art work
The Munchkins door I think!
Broadway market

Looking across the harbor.