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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Rabbits and mirrors all over the bus.

The entrance to the museum

This boat was made from 190,000 toothpicks and 5 gallons of glue!!
Hot hot hot today - down right muggy - even Zeke was feeling it. Zeke has a new friend - Harley, a golden doddle that lives on "Grumpy". They played together the last few mornings and tonight Zeke went looking for him. Too cute. Harley has a captain and a stewardess to take care of him!! Lucky dog.
We had great intentions of going to two art galleries today but Garth did some touch up on the fly bridge and cleaned off the ICW mustache. We did make it to the American Visionary Art Museum and it was different in a good way. The theme of the museum at present is "What makes you smile". They had woopie cushions on an entire bench, postcards written to Santa, gingerbread houses with soldiers guarding them, cartoons, car art and a boat made of toothpicks - not part of the laugh theme. They also had an exhibit by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein who drew in the 50's - and it took him anywhere from one to three days to draw a picture. You would think it was art from the eighties. We both enjoyed it. 
Making plans for the big exit tomorrow - heading for Delaware City.

Celebrating the Bicentennial of the War of 1812.
Who won that war?
Everyone won? No?