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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coinjock NC to Norfolk Virginia

I must say as much as I like North Carolina I was beginning to feel like it was never ending!  Although we only travelled 50 miles today it took from 7:45 until 2:30.  We did our first lock and it went very well - it was only about a 60 cm rise - no gushing torrent of water and no boats swaying- like the locks we did in France. We were aiming to get to the first bridge opening at 11 and we actually made pretty good time and caught the 10:30 opening but still we were limited to the 12 o'clock lock. It all went well until the Gilmerton Bridge.
 We arrived at 1:25 for the 1:30 opening but the bridge tender had to wait for a train to go through. The train came and went and still no opening, turns out another train was coming so we sat and waited forty five minutes for the train to go and the bridge to open. Not an easy task considering there were 4 of us and not very much space to float in.

Norfolk at first glance appeared pretty dismal with all the industry and barges then as we rounded the corner we saw all the navy ships and the next corner presented downtown. Looking forward to exploring tomorrow cause it seems like a very nice city. We are staying here for a week, attending the Loopers Rendezvous.
The Erie canal is closed and at this time not scheduled to open until the week of May 23rd. So there is no reason to rush!

Garth loves it!

Will post some more pics tomorrow of our travels today, the computer is not cooperating!