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Monday, April 4, 2011

You heard it here first!

It's official - I am truly sick and tired of shopping!!! Thought that it would never happen. We have spent the last few days trying to get all the last minute preparations in order for our departure. On Thursday Captain Ian  came about eleven and off we went for a spin around town. We went up the New River to get diesel and to have lunch. Garth practiced holding the boat at idle and turning in tight spots. We were early for the diesel truck and decided to stop at the Pirate Bar for lunch. The bar was full of people and Garth did a fantastic job of docking. We left there and went down the river turned around and docked at the diesel pump. Most expensive fill I have ever had.  We left there and docked back here at the Las Olas Marina. Captain Ian was great and gave Garth his OK.

 Our friends arrived back in Fort Lauderdale but could not get into this marina so they docked at the Swimming Hall of Fame and we went over there at six for a pot luck. They pulled in beside some people who they had meet in Lake Michigan 6 months ago. Jerry and Joan from Detroit - they are slowly doing the Great Loop and are waiting here for an opportunity to  get over to the Bahamas. We had a wonderful time and heard some amazing boat stories.
On Friday I spent the morning washing the boat while the blinds and port hole covers  were being installed. I was not crazy about the covers but they do the job and it is difficult to cover such an odd shape and design. The black out blinds are amazing!! On Friday Dan and Garth went to BOW (boat owners warehouse) and a few places getting "stuff" then Judy and I went out in the afternoon to TJ Maxx, Crown Liquor and Winn Dixie. We stopped by West Marine to check on an order and one of the salesman asked me where Zeke was today.  Dan and Judy came over and Garth practiced the art of making a mojito. We received detailed directions from Mike in Australia - they were very good and Garth promises to keep practicing.

We drove up to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on Federal and I have to say it was delicious .....not as good as Troghi (Tuscany) but pretty close. Saturday was yet another shopping opportunity - we started at BOW where we bought an EPIRB - (emergency position indicating radio beacon) if the boat sinks it will send our co-ordinates to the search and rescue of the country we are in.  We got a BBQ which sits in the back cockpit and can also act as a stove in case the power goes out. From there we went to West Marine where Zeke got a few cookies and Garth bought a remote for the GPS. Sounds a little odd to have a remote control - we'll see!  Saturday night ten of us went out to Coconuts for dinner - six of us being Hatteras owners - it is amazing for me to hear them talk about engines, gaskets, oils, bilge pumps and all the technical details of their boats.  It was the first time we had left Zeke on the boat - we gave all our neighbors our phone numbers and said to call if he started to bark and we would come right back .... we left him with a bone and all went well. We arrived back about midnight and Garth woke him up out of a sound sleep much for our guard dog.
This morning we went over to say goodbye to Dan and Judy - they are heading north and we will hopefully meet up with them on Wednesday night. They called tonight and only made it to Lantana because of the Sunday boat traffic and all the bridges. Took them six hours! We spent our morning at Bass Pro buying fishing gear - cedar plugs and a Hand held GPS. You might think we are flying a 747 with all the electronics we have! I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get curtains to cover the ugly port hole covers and then to Target to get BBQ equipment. You see now why I am sick of shopping!  Our chairs arrived this evening and they very nice - they have storage in the seat which is a bonus! Garths big plan of changing the oil did not happen as the pump was not working - guess it will have to be tomorrow - before the new carpet is installed hopefully. My big job tomorrow is to hem the curtains. I have decided not to use my usual hemming technique of staples but to try a little package of magic tape my Mom gave me. She doesn't like the staple technique.
Tomorrow is carpet installation and delivery of the last few items that were being recovered. An oil change will also be a top priority. Our scheduled departure date is Wednesday! Anxious to leave and also a little nervous - OK a lot nervous!!