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Friday, April 15, 2011

Jekyll Island

 Jekyll Island sunset 
Thursday April 14th - Friday April15th

We borrowed the courtesy van and drove around the island, stopping at the post office and the historical sites. A very quaint little island. My parents wintered here for a few years so I was here 20 years ago and about five years ago Garth and I drove through. It has really changed over the years, lots of new buildings and road work going on at present. We meet Doug and Judy on the dock from "Moonstruck" we had cocktails together then went up to the restaurant. We all had shrimp, the local specialty.

One of the hotels on the island
Friday morning we prepared to leave and head for St. Simons, only 10 miles up the coast. We got off smoothly and within five minutes lost the starboard engine AGAIN! Garth ran down to the engine room and I drove.....well tried to. I had forgotten that the markers inside the inter-coastal were opposite to the channel markers and was trying to keep the red on my right on the left. The boat behind us was trying to tell us but I could not hear him and the dock master was yelling at us. HUMM.....when I saw that we only had .5 water below us I screamed for Garth to come up and the day was saved. We decided to return to the dock which we did or which Garth did . Excellent driving with only one engine . We called back and told them so there were four people on the dock ready to grab lines. We called a diesel mechanic and he was here within the hour.......nice guy and very knowledgeable. He figured that we had a faulty filter on the starboard side, it was brand new. So, we are going to spend another night here and take off tomorrow. I may need a pacemaker by the end of this journey as everyday is yet another heart thumping experience. We are going to dinner tonight on"Moonstruck" and they made a special invitation for his majesty to join us. Stay tuned for more adventures of Algonquin!!!!!