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Friday, April 8, 2011

We're on the Run!

The car left Tuesday morning about 8:30 and we spent the rest of the day getting the boat ready for the big departure Wednesday. Bud arrived and replaced the carpet on the stairs and he will be back tomorrow to install the rest. I did a bunch of laundry at the marina and meet a very nice captain who's advice it was to have Garth practice docking with one screw and no thruster. Everyone has advice .... The GPS alarm went off and warned us of a storm approaching, we made sure everything outside was put away or battened down then waited.


And waited - Garth and Zeke sat on the back deck watching the sailboats bend. The rain and wind came and went. But it meant that the wind continued.

Wednesday came all too fast, Bud showed up as promised and it took him a little longer than anticipated to install the carpet but it was worth it as it looks awesome.  We checked the weather and there was too much wind for us to run the ocean and the bridges take too long so we made the decision to wait until tomorrow to leave and do the ocean route up north.

Thursday we got up at 6 ish and had set our departure time for 7ish. All went well, Jerry, our next door neighbor came out to say goodbye and to help us with the lines. We discussed the wind, the current and the way we were going to untie. Off we went -- Garth backed out of the slip like a pro - I was at the back watching the tender and making sure we cleared but we kept going back and going back and going back. I was calmly saying to Garth go forward Go Forward and he was saying back  I CAN"T THE THROTTLE WON"T ENGAGE!! We slowly backed into a boat from the "Sea Ray Navy" then Garth thrusted the boat over to the face dock. Jerry was watching and he ran around and grabbed the lines. SCARY!!!

Rescued at the dock
We immediately called the engine repair man who had done all the work and he said he would be there in 90 minutes.  Zeke and I walked over to see how much paint we had scrapped off the Sea Ray - not bad.  The owner was not there so we gave our name to his neighbor and to the dockmaster so he could send us the paint bill.  In the meantime Dan called and he and Garth went through some stuff on the phone, I was glad to hear Dan say that at least it wasn't a burned out clutch.  Robert arrived about 10 and it turned out to be a small human error problem with the transmission fluid. Learning curve on the rise...... We gathered our confidence and headed out again, this time we had a stronger wind and a stronger current to deal with but we made it. As we went under the 17th St. Bridge I am sure I saw employees from West Marine, BOW, and Bed Bath and Beyond  crying on the bridge - no doubt they will miss us.

Under the bridges and out Port Everglades into the Ocean we went. The ocean was calm and we had a great run all the way to Fort Piece. It was beautiful out there and not crowded. I got a bit worried when the depth finder said 483 ft but we have every safety device possible as well as a 10 man life raft.
When we arrived in Fort Pierce there were 2 dock hands ready to grab lines and assist us. Garth spun the boat and we did a textbook dock.  BRAVO GARTH! As I was throwing the lines up I noticed two people hiding behind the boat behind us and sure enough Dan and Judy were there to add their support and to greet us.

For those of you who have not read previous blogs we meet Dan and Judy when we were docked on the New River. They have helped us immensely and encouraged us every step of the way.  We are so thankful for having met them - as not only are they wonderful people, full of life, great stories and adventures but they are also a wealth of boating wisdom and knowledge.

We celebrated our arrival with "judys" a drink of rum, cranberry juice and orange juice. (had to substitute mango). Now, you are all probably thinking - not Kathy and Garth - they never drink, well, Dan and Judy also taught us how to drink........see I told you they are wonderful people!!
Steve arrived today and he didn't get the car returned until 2 so we are staying here one more night and will leave tomorrow for Titusville.

Stay Tuned