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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Georgetown - Myrtle Beach

Up with the birds once again, the sailboat behind us was long gone and Micheal from "Muddy Waters" in front of us was waiting for the air conditioner serviceman so he was kind enough to throw us the lines and off we went.  I was surprised at how big the Georgetown Harbor was, it is kind of confusing in harbors and inlets as there are two different types of markers. We made it through and once again passed all the sailboats. Some of them are just complainers and whiners but one boat in particular - ANTARES - loves the ride from power boats wakes. We asked to pass them and they said keep up your speed, they like the ride! We had meet them in Georgetown and they also pulled in behind us in Myrtle.
The run up here was completely different from the previous days - the "ditch" as they call it was deep and wide. The trees have changed and long gone are the swamps.

It says - South Carolina Public School and School Boat on the front!
Traffic sure wouldn't be a problem when you take the boat to school.
A Birds Eye View

Wide open spaces and deep water.

Our first swing bridge.

The big opening.

Are those Canada Geese I see?

Zeke had a friend over - this is Lucy from SV Antares.
And just when we thought it was going to be a nice quiet day on the dock the show started right across from us. I think I was mistaken when I said wide deep water - obviously it is shallow over there. Tow Boat US is like CAA or AAA - if you need a tow they're just around the corner!

Sometimes you're the show and sometimes you're the audience!