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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Bye Florida, Hello Georgia

We spent a rainy morning in St. Augustine, Garth and Steve took Zeke for a walk and I did laundry.

We played cards all afternoon and at four Steve picked up a rental car. First stop - West Marine then Pet Supermarket and Radio Shack finally Winn Dixie.  Steve took us out to dinner at OC Whites, we had another game of cards then all hit the hay. We needed a day of rest.

This morning - Wednesday April 13th Steve threw us the lines and off we went - not too fast though -- the bridge did not open at 8 so we had to spin and cruise for a half an hour waiting for the bridge. Once through we went out into the ocean and headed north.  We saw turtles, sharks and lots of jellyfish.  At 4 o'clock the starboard engine shut down - not a pleasant feeling. Garth went down and fixed it then off we went again. All of the sudden we both ran to the back door as it sounded like a bomb had landed ---- it was a USCG helicopter hovering above us. He stayed for a couple seconds then went over to another vessel that was about two miles from us. They was a pan pan alert out and I guess they were just checking to see if it was us.  We carried on and landed in Jekyll Island about 6. Terri helped us dock and just as we started to wash the boat we were attacked by no see ems.

We are going to stay here a few day unless of course these bugs continue!!