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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fort Pierce to St. Augustine

We left Fort Piece with one little hitch - I was trying to haul in a rope and protect the boat with a fender at the same time. Although I am used to multi-tasking this was too much so off went the fender. I yelled to Garth "I DROPPED THE FENDER" luckily there were some people from the boat across from us on the dock and the man grabbed his pole and retrieved the fender rope ......Garth then nudged the bow forward and I grabbed the stupid thing. Unfortunately, there was a party boat of fishermen behind us and as soon as I yelled they all turned and watched .....once again, we were the show. My solution is to buy walkie talkie headsets and then Garth and I can communicate quietly.

Shrimp boats off to work

We had a beautiful run outside and spent the night in Cape Canaveral. We had to wait for the Disney cruise ship to exit the port and as Steve said "it is not every day you have to wait for Mickey Mouse".
Arriving at the marina was a challenge - Garth backed in and Steve and I tried to attach the bow lines to the pylons - I got one on and the cleat broke - Garth was trying to watch the rear and hold the boat - a couple of kids were grabbing the lines and trying to help but it just was not working. Then we realized that no matter what we did we were not going to be able to get off the boat even if we did stay so we pulled out and moved over to the floating dock which is where we were supposed to be in the first place. Lesson learned to listen carefully to where the dock master tells us to go! We handed out ice cold Canadian beers to the kids as they sat on the dock fishing. 

Bird Island

. We came into the New Smyrna inlet with no problem and docked at the City Marina like old pros. When I called to get a slip I told them we were new boaters and they were there to help. I will continue to say we are new boaters for the next few years! We had a great spot right across from a bird island. Tested out the new BBQ and Garth did some pork tenderloin -worked like a charm!

Sunrise in New Smyrna
We left New Smyrna early and headed back out into the ocean - it was like glass- we had dolphins all around us when we were leaving and once out there we saw more. At one point they were playing in our wake. We entered St. Augustine inlet about three, docked at the city marina with help from the staff and then went for a walk.  

A bad day fishing but better than a good day at work!

As you can see it was a pretty stress free day, Steve was fishing all day, Garth reading beside the helm and Zeke resting. We are spending the day in St. Augustine and will pull out tomorrow and head for Jacksonville.

A good spot