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Monday, April 4, 2011

One step closer to leaving

The morning was a beehive of activity, the carpet guys arrived at nine, the engine guy at 9:30 and the last of the furniture re-covering came about 11:30. Lots of action and Zeke in the middle of it all. I drove up to the engine store to pick up gaskets and then went to Boat Owners Warehouse for some last minute shopping and picked up some new dock lines. Took the following picture on my way out cause I won't be back there for another  year!! Wishful thinking - I was there 3 times today/

On my first return Garth was hard at it - the pump required a new gasket and then everything ran smoothly.

The dock lines I bought were too small for the cleat even though the salesperson checked on the computer and it said it would be big enough. So, back I went to return them - the only ones they had were too big. Next stop West Marine - they didn't have any but offered to make me some for 400 dollars - so back to BOW for the big ones.

From there I did some last minute shopping at Winn Dixie then came back to the boat. Once here I found Robert - the engine guys son - Garths shoulders are too big to reach in and get off one of the filters so Robert got it out and the new one in within seconds. I think that will have to be moved to an easier location! Will wait until we get to North Carolina for that.  Garth ran off to dump the oil and filters.

The car is being picked up tomorrow morning, the carpet on the stairs is being put in and then Wednesday morning the staterooms and hallways will be done. We will be busy tomorrow emptying the holding tanks, filling the water tanks and making sure everything is stowed. If the weather is good we will do the ocean route but if it is windy we will stay inside .

Our friends Dan and Judy are only about an hour away by car but 6 by boat so we should be able to catch up to them in a day. They have anchored out the last two nights and we would like to try that. Will be interesting to see if Zeke will use his pet - turf! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. The plan is to be out of here by noon on Wednesday.