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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Savannah

We had a very lovely and relaxing day. Completed some chores, like getting out ropes and throwing away old useless ropes, changing ties on the fenders and getting organized to leave tomorrow. Just as we had all the ropes lined up on the dock the Auxiliary Coast Guard came by. We got to talking and they asked if we wanted a courtesy safety inspection - so Garr Williams came aboard, asked us a bunch of questions, looked at our flares, jackets and fire extinguishers. As the boat is not registered here we do not have to follow USCG standards, in fact the British Registry requirements are much more stringent. The previous owner had everything up to snuff and therefore we had the "book" that 99% of people do not have and the "waste management plan" that 99% of people do not have. He was amazed - Garth explained that we are Canadians and like to follow rules!! We passed with 100 % and got our 2011 sticker. We feel lucky to have it, the Coast Guard training centre is just up the ICW from here and according to the Waterway Guide it is not uncommon for them to pull boats over and do on the spot checks. Hopefully we will be spared but if we are pulled over at least we know we will pass.
It's real!
They even have Piggy Wiggly pop.
We returned the rental car, made a stop at the grocery store and enjoyed a turkey dinner for Easter.