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Monday, April 25, 2011

Beaufort, South Carolina

A Dolphin playing chicken

That's Beaufort - pronounced Bewfort - it you call on the radio and say Bofort they will not answer! They also don't answer when they have a dredging barge in the middle of a bridge but that's another story. We left Georgia about 6:30 this morning and as soon as we were on the other side of the Savannah River we entered South Carolina. The first thing we saw was an alligator lying in wait on the side of the river! I didn't know they had alligators this far north. As we weaved our way through the marshes Garth kept an eye on the depth finder - it actually sounds an alarm when we get too close to shallow water.  As we came across Port Royal Sound we saw lots of jelly fish and dolphins. The dolphins seem to play chicken with the boat - they come up and speed down just in front of us.

We arrived in Beaufort at 12:30 - docking in the current and the wind was a bit of a trick but Garth did an excellent job - now our concern is getting out of here in the morning. We have decided to just wait until the guy in front of us and behind us leave. They are definitely leaving tomorrow!
Once we had the power and water hooked up we walked through the 300 year old town and stopped for lunch at a nice restaurant right on the water. We then took a horse drawn carriage tour of the town.
Some pics of our day.

Para-sailing at Hilton Head

Garth and Zeke waiting for the tour to begin.

The Arsenal

The hanging tree- 43 hangings are documented!

Lovely home & 250 year old tree.

The boys.