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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another day down below!!

A celebration is in order!!
The last hose was installed and the generator's teeth were fixed. Hopefully the galley floor can stay intact for a week and the greasy hand prints up and down the stairs will fade to a memory.
The window coverings are being installed Friday, our new chairs are being delivered and some cushions for the bow are also arriving. The existing carpet is being ripped out and the floor prepped for the new carpet which is enroute from California. Yes, the end of workers aboard all day is in site!! Garth needs to do an oil change this weekend, its a four-five hour job. (pictures for sure) Zeke and I have been for a few walks up and dock t - some pretty nice yachts came in over night. Garth's dreamboat pulled in right beside us this morning - a Nordhaven, they go anywhere and through anything!

Garth and Rich in the generator room!  I am going to try and get a picture of the riff-raff at the end of the dock and post it here for you to see.

Here it is, "The Silver Lining", they have been putting food, and booze on it for about two hours . The guy from the truck saw me come in through the gate with my Winn-Dixie bags and gave me his card saying they can get anything we want from anywhere!!

Time to take the big guy for a walk.
Tomorrow we are going out for a ride - if the weather cooperates we'll go out in the ocean, if not we will stay in the Intercoastal.