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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beaufort - Isle Of Palms -Georgetown South Carolina

We snuck out of Beaufort without a hitch, the boat in front of us never did leave. We had a long day Tuesday, about 69 nautical miles. Left Beaufort about 6:30 am and as soon as we rounded the corner we saw the house from "The Big Chill" - we were told about it the day before on the tour but could not get down to see it because there was nowhere for the horse to turn around.

The house from The Big Chill

Morning rush hour on the ICW wasn't too bad today, lots of sailboats out.

Morning rush hour on the ICW

We ended up following a motor yacht from Charleston, we were about to pass him and he told us that he had just come down this way and it was very skinny water, so Garth let him go through and we followed. Again today we were constantly checking our depths. The coast guard came on several times to tell people about a log in the water and then just as we were entering Elliot Cut south of Charleston they came on again with a weather warning and telling all small vessels to head for safe harbor. We debated on calling a few marinas in Charleston but when we looked at our weather on the GPS we were ahead of the we kept on going.

Busy Charleston Harbor
The only marine life we saw today were the daredevil dolphins. We arrived at the Isle of Palms marina about 4 o'clock, filled up with diesel had left overs for dinner and were in bed asleep by 8:30.  I am not crazy about the hours these boat people keep but it makes sense to get up and get going!

WEDNESDAY APRIL 27th  -  47 miles today

A bit more normal departure time this morning - 8 am, the dock hand was there to help throw the lines and off we went.  Again today we went through some pretty skinny water - at one point a sport fishing boat "Soulmate" was zooming by everyone - you can hear them on the radio calling and asking the other boats to pass -- so along comes Soulmate and off he goes - we rounded the corner and there he was at a dead stop in the water. One of the guys was in the back cockpit, we stopped, he reversed out of the spot, moved into the centre and took off.

This is not Soulmate but you can see how shallow it was on the edge.
I spent the rest of the day looking for crab pots and alligators! If you look really close at the next picture you will see the gators head in the middle of the pic.

We arrived in Georgetown about 2 pm, a lovely little town with lots of interesting shops and tons of restaurants. Our original plan was to head out tomorrow morning and go to Myrtle Beach but it appears like we may stay here a day longer due to a front that is coming in through the night. It was very windy all day and when we docked the wind was pushing us in and the bow thruster did not engage!! If it is not one thing its another. Oh well, we didn't hit anything !