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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Three Amigos are back and on the move!

 Time travelled:  7:33
 Nautical miles:  63.8NM
 Docked at:       Pebble Isle Marina,  New Johnsonville, TN
St. Louis the week before the World Series-everything was red

Well, it has been awhile since I blogged - poor ole Zeke has been through the mill and we honestly thought he was headed for the BIG PARK but once again he has rallied. He had a lot of help and a lot of love - special thanks to my Mom and Dad for putting us up and for putting up with us! I would be remiss if I also did not thank Zeke's cousins George and Sadie (2 beautiful black labs) cause when Zeke would not eat they were the tasters and the competition.  Everything was good about going home, we got to visit with Garth's Mom and we got to celebrate my Dads 85th birthday  Between trips to the University we also had time to see some friends. We appreciate all the calls and emails.
Zeke is doing well at the moment, we are taking it one day at a time. He is eating on his own, playing hockey with Garth in the salon and once again barking orders at us! His energy levels are improving a little bit every day.  So, he is trending in the right direction.

Grand Harbor, Kentucky all ready for Christmas

Zeke is ready, once again, to be on the blue water highway
 You know it is time to head south when you wake up to frost and the fishermen are wearing balaclavas! Wow, the lines where white with frost, the water in the dingy had turned to ice and the docks were slippery  ....start the engines and head south asap!
It was rather an uneventful day, only saw a few fishermen out and two barges. Wildlife spotting was pretty dim as well - one lonely deer.  Oddest sight of the day was a bridge to nowhere and an abandoned building in the middle of the water. I have seen both of these before from following other blogs - neat to see it in person.

Look closely and the deer is right at the point.

The bridge to nowhere.

Looks like one of those things in the bottom of an aquarium!

Off to Clifton bright and early tomorrow; weather permitting!