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Monday, November 21, 2011

Liquor Mailboxes & Gomer does an oil change

Well, first off, there are worse places to spend ten days! Like Kilkenny Creek NC . Spent a week there one day. But that is a book waiting to happen.
All in all it was not that bad. The staff are all very nice and Tony went out of his way to make sure the three of us had what we needed to camp out in their yard.
We meet some very nice people and even had a home cooked meal. Lynn-Ann and Boyd, bought their boat knowing that it had to have a new engine put in. Well, it's a boat, and one thing led to another, before you know it the boat is being ripped apart, sanded, scraped and basically getting a fresh new lease on life. They rented a cottage up the hill from the marina and we went up on Saturday night for a delicious prawn stir-fry and apple crisp! We left Zeke on the boat and when we arrived back there was an empty package of chicken treats on the floor - humm - somebody is feeling well enough to steal treats.
The thief and the evidence!

 On Sunday Gomer did an oil change and I cleaned. Every time I talk to my Mom I am cleaning something. Living on a boat is like four star camping - everything is subject to the elements all the time and it gets dusty within an hour and dirty within minutes. The cleaning went well, the oil change not so much. The pump to get the oil out of the tanks decided to slow right down - it had just been checked the day before, so back came Diesel Don . An hour later things were moving faster but still not fast enough. Gomer got up at 6 this morning, he had been dreaming about that pump - "I think it's the wires" so another few hours messing around with the pump. We'll test the wire theory at another location down the road.

Now, the liquor,beer and wine situation here is complicated . Across the river is Tennessee , the town is dry but you can fill up your own jugs of draft at the gas station. If you want wine,beer or liquor you have to drive to Savannah, Tennessee another twenty miles. In Mississippi you can't get anything in this county. But, if you drive twenty minutes you can get beer. For liquor it's another twenty miles after that. One local restaurant, Freddy T's had come up with an innovative solution to allow their customers to drink while dining or watching a game. They rent you a mailbox - what you keep in that mailbox is up to you but all the mailboxes are full with liquor of one kind or another. Just don't forget your key.!

We went to get a picture of these liquor mailboxes tonight but the restaurant finally got a liquor licence so they got rid of the boxes.  How, in a dry county they can do that is beyond me but one of the guys working on the boat today summed it up when he said "the liquor and beer laws around here are retarded"

The new crew!

Look who turned the 9 in Mississippi!!

Are you finished with the pictures cause I'd like to eat!

It is hard to see but there is a 9 candle between the chicken wings.