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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby it's cold in here!

Just before I head out to Savannah to buy another heater I thought I would update the saga and post a few pictures of the past week.  The original seal that was put on turned out to be OK - so now the problem is why did it leak - well could it be the little notch on the shaft? Could be - so lets replace the hose, make it a little longer and push the seal up past the notch.  The hose has to be ordered and it is being shipped overnight UPS! Sound familiar!!! So, now we anticipate getting the hose at 3 this afternoon and getting it all reassembled tomorrow.  Back in the water by nightfall November 30th and on the road Dec first!! Are you laughing!

As mentioned in the last blog entry I went over to meet the folks on "Abreojos"last night to invite them out for dinner. We arrived at the yard and were greeted by the night watchman dressed in camouflage! Should have been my first clue. He escorted me through the puddles telling me the whole time "you know I could stop you from being here"  I reassured him that although I did not know these peoples names that they would not be ticked at me for knocking on their hull. He was still not convinced.  After I spoke with Larry - now I know their names - the night watchman stayed back and I could hear him apologizing for allowing this person who in his words sounds like a "Southern Canadian" into the yard!!! Gee, you would think I was packing and dressed in camouflage!!  I think I need to go back and ask him what a Southern Canadian is?? Someone who has spent 2 weeks in Iuka, Mississippi perhaps!

Hope you are all warm & cozy!! We are being sent warm breezes from my Aunt Dorothy in Beaverton, Ontario and they should be here by Thursday. Even warm wishes from Rhode Island came in. Calls from Florida and the laughter in the background is just plain mean and you know what you will be getting in your stocking this Christmas.

Draft on Tap & served in a milk jug from the gas Station

Shiloh Battlefield

The Pirate of Pickwick - sounds like an opera in the making!

Yes, that is snow on the fenders this morning!!AHH