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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good

1. We met Cheryl and Alan, loopers from "Salty Dog" and will hopefully see them down the road!
2. We met LynnAnne and Boyd from "Bushranger" and have had several enjoyable evenings with them. We also spent Thanksgiving together. They are leaving their boat here and returning to Virginia  (and Australia) on Wednesday.  We are going to Freddy T's with them tonight, it won't be a farewell dinner but a "see ya'all later" dinner.
3. Lynne Anne is an awesome baker and we have been the lucky recipients of some delicious homemade treats and dinners. Her bread making is, well it is right up there with the French - we had Italian bread with a spaghetti dinner. An Almond Dessert Bread, we literally devoured that one. Last night we had a Country Cheese Bread -umm umm good.  Did I mention the biscotti - another winner! Thank you LynnAnne, your culinary skills and efforts were appreciated by all aboard Algonquin! We will miss you both.
4. We had the opportunity to visit Shiloh Battlefield and learn a little more American history.
5.  We caught up on "stuff" that needed to be done.
6.  Zeke made tremendous strides while we were here, he is begging once again - usually just for LynnAnne’s bread and he is exercising a little bit every day.
7. We have once again made a significant contribution to the local economy from the Garth and Kathy Stimulus Package, helping the US economy recover just a little faster!
8.  We heard of another Looper getting some engine work done at a yard close by. They are friends of "Once Around" so they must be nice by association. We are heading over to meet them right now.!

The Bad

1.  Our one week out of the water is now on day 14!
2.  We can't use our on board heating system and it has been pretty darn cold here at night. They are calling for snow tonight.
3. The boat was painted and polished right! Well, when they put us back in the water last Wednesday the slings marred the paint and the polish - Garth spent Saturday afternoon fixing it!
4. We waited until 4 pm Friday for UPS to deliver the seals from Florida, when we checked on line later it said a delivery was attempted at 3:39 pm Friday. This morning Garth drove to Boonesville to get the seals. I called to complain about the forty five dollars we paid for next day delivery and low and behold they admitted that the UPS truck never came to Aqua Marina on Friday because the driver knew that there was no one in the office. AHH I could go on ..
5.  We do not have winter clothing and it is now winter in Mississippi! 
6. The hose that goes over the seal should be replaced while they are at it and they do not have the right size .....holy mackerel!!
7. Its too cold to swim down this river ....wait a minute ...the dingy is calling my name.

The Ugly

1. The weather for the next 36 hours is not looking good. Even if we were to get back in the water tonight I do not think we would be going anywhere! One hundred per cent change of snow from 6 pm tonight until 6 am tomorrow morning!  They are expecting four inches. Now, four inches to us is nothing - we don't even shovel four inches but here it is a big deal - some of the workers have taken the 4 by 4's home so they can get back to work tomorrow! Garth has gone to scrounge a few heaters! Zeke and I are looking for firewood!

 Even if I clicked my ruby slippers I would not get to Kansas FLORIDA tonight. So, making the best of a not so bad situation!