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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Their teeth go every which way but straight"

Time travelled:  3:45
Nautical miles:  33.7
Docked at:        Bay Springs Marina, Mississippi

  The boat looks great and runs like a charm!
 We had thought we may wait on the transient dock until tomorrow morning and get an early start but we were both kind of itching to get on the move. So, after the boat got in the water and the little kinks we ironed out, we pulled away from Aqua !  Woops, we forgot to return a heater - so back we went and delivered it by boat pole to the dock. Now we are off. About ten minutes later Garth went down to check the engines and SMOKE - never a good thing! Zeke and I quickly put on our life jacket and had the ditch bag ready to go.  It was just some oil burning off from some of the parts that were cleaned.  I kept one eye on the engine cameras for the next hour though.
 Before we left Tony, the shop foreman, asked us if we knew that it was huntin season .  No, it is not something we generally pay attention to -- well, in these parts "you need to be on the look out for camouflaged boats that are up little creeks or at the banks"  DO NOT WAKE THEM or they will shoot at you he says. Garth asked if they had orange flags or anything so that you could see them. Nope, nothing. Well, Garth says, we don't generally wake anyone but if you can't see them then it makes it a bit difficult. "Do they fire in the air" asks Garth. Nope they shoot right at you or your boat!!  Garth said - well, aren't they afraid that they might hit you. NOOOO says Tony, they don't care! Have you seen the movie Deliverance. Yes, we both answer as we stare at each other. Well, these people have teeth in their heads that go every which way but straight and they just don't care!!         Great !
So, here we are slowly creeping down the Tenn-Tom keeping our eyes peeled on the banks and up the creeks!!     OY VEY!!  What next.

 It is great to be on the move. It was time to get going, LynnAnne and Boyd left today and the mast that was left behind two weeks ago finally left this morning as well.

We can see our first lock from the marina and will come up with a rough plan for tomorrow after dinner. It will either be a very short day to Midway Marina or a very long day to Columbus.

PS One of the men at Aqua came to say goodbye to Zeke this morning and he commented on how much he had improved over the last 2 weeks. He said I can see him bounce now when he walks!   YEAH ZEKE.