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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pulling up the rear

 Time travelled:    7 hours
 Nautical miles:     50 nm
 Docked at:           Aqua Marina, Luka, Mississippi

One Lock - Pickwick    raised 55 ft.

Well, someone has to be last and I believe we are at the tail end of all Loopers, if we are not dead last then we are probably pretty close. It is extremely quiet on the rivers - only saw one barge today.
We left Clifton early, have to travel with the sun these days.  We had one lock - Pickwick - we called from mile 200 to say we were on our way and the lock keeper said there was one boat there all ready and that he would wait for us. Humm - had not seen anyone else for 3 days so where did they come from? Turned out that they actually waited about 40 minutes for us and that they had left Pebble Isle after us, two days ago. They did not go into Clifton Marina because they had been there last year and thought the harbor was too small! They are on a 40 foot boat.  The ears started to swell and the hat, he never said a word. We apologized for making them wait.
It was kind of a dull day so I did not take many pictures. The scenery was pretty nondescript. It was interesting to see the homes though. Everything from trailers under a shed roof to magnificent architectural wonders. The disparity jumps out at you. 
We have 450 more miles to go until we reach the Gulf - 12 more locks - I can't wait to see the doors open on the Coffeeville Lock - no matter what time of day it is I am having a drink to celebrate.
We will be here for a few days. Diesel Don is coming to fix the rear seal on the transmission, we need to get the zincs changed and if the weather permits get the bottom painted. Also going to see about having the hull waxed. OK. maybe more than a few days. 
Zeke is great. He went out in his life jacket today while we were in the lock and is now greeting people as they walk along the dock. So good to see that he is getting back to normal.  His diet these days is pretty simple - Vanilla Boost in the morning, a few dog cookies followed by chicken jerky and 3 chicken wings for dinner. Whatever it takes. 

All the wildlife we saw today.......
A heron watching us leave Clifton

Cows walking the beach ?

Goats watching the cows??

Zeke, tired of watching the cows and goats!

Wake me up when we get there!