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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry."

Time travelled:   30 minutes by lift
 Nautical miles:   zip
 Docked at:        Aqua Marine Harbour - on the hard, but this time with cable TV!!

Finally,on our way to the water .

Almost ready to touch down!

Ah, back where we belong!

Zeke and I walked over to the transient dock and waited and waited and waited ....Garth called – there is a problem with a seal on the starboard shaft – didn’t we just have that replaced – yes, with our spare..Hum...having water coming into the boat is never a good thing so here we are back on the pavement. 
We have cable TV and a nice Ford pick up.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the marina is closed until Monday.  Garth called Hatteras and ordered new seals, hopefully they will be here Monday. Then we can get them installed and be on our way. Our spare seal could be faulty or perhaps it just needs to be turned a little bit. Regardless, nobody was about to get involved with it when they were only working a half day. But, the one mechanic did take the time to hook us up to cable when we were saying that the only thing we got on TV was Billy Graham.
Tomorrow we are going to go to Pickwick State Park for Thanksgiving lunch with LynnAnne and Boyd from Bushranger.  
 Well, it is what it is but now we are never going to make Key Largo for Christmas. 
Garth spoke to Frank from Once Around last night and we may just try to get as far as Port Charlotte, spend Christmas and New Years there, then head south around the Keys .
No schedule, no budget, no plans ---- no brains!!