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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OK, we are not last -yet!

 Time travelled:
 Nautical miles:  12 miles to - you guessed it Walmart
 Docked at:       On the hard Aqua Marina, Mississippi

On the hard~ note front entrance

Diesel Don all ready to fix the girls!

Dons son in law Kevin hard at work

Ha, we jumped up yesterday morning when we saw a boat coming into the dock, it was just before 8 am and it didn't appear that any dock hands were around. So, like all good boaters we went out to grab their lines. Turned out to be Loopers from Stouffville, Ontario!!  Maybe there is a whole fleet behind us yet. I heard from some other Loopers that there is very little water down river and some of the places that people had used to anchor are no longer suitable. So, we might as well be sitting here as further on down.
It is weird staying on the boat when it is out of the water. first off it is on a bit of a tilt and secondly we cannot use the water, heater or air conditioner.  Well, we use a bit of water- the sinks go right overboard, the bottom is being painted and the run off goes right over the spot. There are laundry, showers  etc just down the way. It is a long way down the stairs in the dark.

Zeke at the wheel.

Look what happens when Zeke drives!!

The bumper is hanging by a thread and the lights on both sides are just sitting there.

We took the shop truck to Savannah, Tennessee this morning - not much there other than Walmart! I am getting so that I know the store layout,  sometimes the pet section is at the back, generally it is between seasonal and the pharmacy!!! SCARY -
It is cold and dreary today, tomorrow we might head over to the Shiloh battleground if it is nice out.

Garth on the back stairs

Make shift ramp for Zeke

Zeke is continuing to improve every day!