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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

 Docked at: Compass Cay

Another day another year! Happy New Year to everyone.

We had a pot luck last night on the dock, everyone brought a dish and as usual it was interesting and delicious. Lobster on the grill, pork chops, fish, chicken curry ... a regular feast. We did not make it until midnight but did see the fireworks at nine and we heard the horn blowing at midnight.
This morning we spent a great deal of time making our sign to hang in the tree. It is kind of hard to tell but the top is an old paddle we found and the ALGONQUIN is painted on a piece of wood we found on the beach. Surrounding the paddle handle is the remains of our Christmas tree. Pretty bad when you have to explain the art work!

We are leaving tomorrow morning and do not know when we will have internet access again. so, once again Happy New Year to everyone. A special Happy New Year to the newlyweds, J & B!  Make 2013 a great year!

Compass Beach

Yeah, lets all pet the sharks!

Zeke at Compass Beach

We are off on a tender ride but have to be back here by 5 so one of us can go into the water under the boat and retrieve the shoe I dropped in last night! Who was drinking, not me!!