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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little Farmers Yacht Club and Marina

Time travelled:    about 3 hours
 Nautical miles:   17.3
 Docked at:        Farmers Cay Yacht Club and Marina
                          Farmers Cay, Exuma
                          Population 60

Farmers Cay terminal one

Brendas Kitchen - best burger on the island

Post office
We had made arrangements to stay at the Farmers Cay Yacht Club and Marina before we left Big Majors. The Farmers Cay Yacht Club and Marina is truly charming it is run by Roosevelt Nixon and his family.

 When we pulled in the wind was really howling, Roosevelt's son had left work and driven over to help us dock. Once we got all settled a catamaran, filled with Quebecers,  came in for water. We started talking to them and they chartered the boat for three weeks and had too much beer on board .......go figure, too much beer. So, we helped them out and bought two cases of Coors -light. They managed to get some lobsters and coconut, so they left happy boaters. It's all good.

We went to Quest for dinner and Dan was able to BBQ delicious steaks despite the wind. We took advantage of having power and gave Zeke a new doo .....he looks fabulous and it is so much cooler for him. Our first day here, we had planned to walk into town but it started to rain so we brought our computers into the bar and here we sit!! Oh, excitement - the Bahamian Defence Force just pulled in - Garth has gone to find out what the scoop is! Turns out it is Roosevelt's cousin - so in the bar he came , we meet him and now he is off downtown.

The rain subsided and we all went for a walk to town. We went the long way via the air strip and came back via the beach. We saw pretty much the whole  island. The store downtown had a good stock of canned goods but not much else.

We had only planned on staying a few days but the wind is still raging so looks like our 3 day stay will now be at least a week. Our daily routine is to walk to town via the beach and search for shells and trash.  That takes a few hours. A few days Zeke and I have walked around here looking for treasure. Wednesday  night we went over to the airstrip to watch the sunset.

 On the way I found a coconut and thought I would try to polish it, I did not want to carry it along the airstrip so carefully placed it on the side of the airstrip. One truck went down the airstrip/road while we were having beachtails and wouldn't you know it he ran over my coconut. Aiden, is now called the coconut killer.

Denzel and Carzel pounding conch at the harbor

The supply boat came in and dropped anchor to unload people and cargo. It has two vehicles on it for the island but the weather is too rough for it to come to the dock so it will return later in the week.

Our days have been pretty much filled to capacity with walking the beach and visiting the harbor in town.

Fan coral 

Police car for a population of 60 people

On Saturday we took Con over to the Great Guana Cay for a few hours. Part of the terrain was sharp coral heads so we left Zeke on the boat. A sailboat from Port Dover had pulled in - Andy and Debra, they offered to let him off the boat if he started barking too much.

Path, what path!

The Mother Lode of string/rope

Blindly following Dan
Our final Destination -Treasure and Trash Nirvana

But first the cave

Very Very cool !!
We are planning on leaving here tomorrow, Monday the 14th and will probably not have internet access for a while. Hope you are enjoying the pictures. It really is a spectacular area.