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Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome Home to Compass Cay

 Docked at: Compass Cay Marina

Well, as I posted yesterday we arrived here before noon. The wind really picked up so I am sure the boats that had to leave where none too happy. But, people do actually make reservations for this time of year. Dan pulled in first and with the wind and the current he put on a bit of a show.  Remember - SOMETIMES YOU'RE THE SHOW AND SOMETIMES YOU'RE THE AUDIENCE!!  We had to continue waiting as Mucho Mas, the big yacht from Hawksbill Cay, came in and they wanted to get him docked.  Finally they called "the other hatteras" - Dan radioed to Garth where we were going to dock and we figured that the wind would actually help us, we just needed to be cognizant of the current. Notice the royal WE . Anyhow, we just seemed to follow the Canadian Flags that were blowing in the wind. In front of us is a sail boat from Montreal and beside us are two large boats - Retired Sailor III from Toronto and Iridescence a 65 foot Marquis, also from Toronto. So, as Dan said, we feel right at home.
We did a walk about and we are, compared to the rest of the boats out in the boonies. It's a hike over to the main section by foot, by water very close. Once there we noticed all the sharks, they are just waiting there for someone to feed them or to swim with them.

Not in this life!

 Well, there are a few people I would like to feed to the sharks- enough said!!! It truly is a small boating world. We meet several boaters in Highbourne Cay that are also here. The other thing about it is that there are only a handful of marinas in the Exumas so in all likelihood we will keep bumping into the same yachts over and over again. Garth & Zeke went exploring while I did some much needed laundry.

Boaters make a sign and leave it somewhere on the island.

 Fresh water is at a premium all throughout the Exumas so we either pay fifty cents a gallon or do our laundry in their machine for ten dollars a load. Well, they have industrial size machines so I choose to do it there and stuff the machine to capacity! I think the laundry I had done in Singapore in 1995 was about 50 dollars for two loads, so it is not the worst I have ever seen.

A view of the docks from the hill

We strolled over to Quest for a delicious dinner and stopped at the "office" on our way for docktails. Thank goodness Judy gave us a flashlight to find our way back to the boat !