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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Perry Institute & George Town, Exuma

 Time travelled:   7 hours - (over a week)
 Nautical miles:   48.6
 Docked at:         Perry Institute Mooring & Exuma Yacht Club
Just another beautiful beach

 We left Farmers Cay and went to the Perry Institute for Marine Studies. They have several mooring balls in the harbor. Unfortunately, the institute has run into hard times and has closed. The mooring balls are still there but the "painters" or the loop to grab the rope is gone. They were attached with stainless steel and someone has lifted them. So, as Dan approached he drove by one ball and could see that it had no painter, he went to the next one - humm, the same thing. Judy tried to haul up the rope and ball but it was too heavy and too far up. Sailboaters have the advantage of their bow being closer to the water. Dan came out but by the time he got out there the boat had moved and it was still too far. So, Judy kept the boat in place and Dan got in their tender and drove around to the ball and did the lines from below. Then he drove back to us and I threw down the lines to him and he fed the lines through. Once we got settled we all headed over to Coconut Beach for some much needed R & R.
We spent three nights on the ball. The second day we went over to the institute. The first thing we saw was a skid loaded with computers just sitting there rusting away. Dan, Judy and I walked to the beach and trash surfed. I found two sea beans. One special one and one ordinary one.  When we went back we joined Garth and Zeke on Coconut Beach. The next day the four of us went back to the institute and walked to the beach from there. I found a hamburger sea bean and one other big one.
The day before when we were walking to the beach Dan noticed a pile of cooper, someone had burned the coating off of it and it was just sitting there. Well, the next day it was all gone. It was eerie because it was as if someone called and said OK everyone off the island we are now closed. There are clothes in the washers and dryers. Tools just sitting out, jars of food still sitting there. There is even a submarine parked up in the shed. While we were walking around the institute Zeke found himself up to his shoulders in a burr patch! (more to come on this misadventure)
Great! now I have a sore paw!!

We took our weather opportunity and left for Georgetown on Thursday the 17th.

Shark below the boat at Perry!!
David Copperfield's island, $325,000 a week

Sneaking through skinny water, 3.9 ft of water under the boat
A movie shoot, this is the supply/johnny on the spot barge!

Pretty scenery

We arrived at the Exuma Yacht Club and Marina shortly after noon.
Kids being kids!


It is right downtown Georgetown. After we hooked up we went for a walk. The grocery store is small but has everything you could ever need - not want - but need. You may have to wait for the next boat to come in but eventually you'll get it.  There is even a Royal Bank and a Scotia bank here. We went to the Peace and Plenty Hotel and Restaurant  for  Rake n' Scrape. You get to choose between BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburger and two sides - the sides are always - peas and rice, coleslaw or mac and cheese. The mac and cheese is more like a hardened glutenous mass, but it tastes OK.
On Friday, Garth and I walked around the lake and searched all the stores for distilled water . We have to wait until the next boat comes in. ( it is for the batteries) I cleaned the outside of the boat at the back getting rid of a ton of sand and grit! On Saturday, we walked over to the other grocery store and got a few things then finished up our shopping at the market across the street. We all jumped in the tender and went to the Fish Fry for dinner.

Bahamas Food Court

Clevon, the dockmaster, had recommended a place to eat but when we got there the women tending bar told us that the cook had to leave the island for a funeral. So, they could serve us booze but no food. We ended up at "Shirleys" and all had delicious meals. Cracked conch, curried grouper and a chicken wrap all washed down will eleven rum punches. We followed our GPS trail back to the boat and all was well!

We are leaving here to go anchor out for a few days and will return later in the week to get ready for our company. Cleaning, provisioning and laundry!
I have since learned that the Rake N Scrape is all about the music and not about the food. When we went there the first time the music was starting as we left.